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Aims and scope

The Journal of Interaction Science (JoIS) is a high-quality journal that supports substantial scientific research on interaction science (see below). We are keen to encourage and enable first class research from any scientific discipline that can be shown to be relevant to interaction science. We define interaction science as the scientific investigation of human / technology interactions. Examples include; a psychology laboratory experiment that uses technology to record human performance and commentary; an HCI experiment that takes a rigorously scientific approach; relevant, experimental studies in cognitive psychology, neurocognitive psychology, artificial intelligence and the social sciences; brain computer interface experiments and related interaction methods, interaction studies of scientific or medical technologies. Substantial empirical, theory-building or methodology studies/critiques are welcomed.

Journal of Interaction Science uses the APA Reference Style for citations in its articles. You can find more information about this here by selecting your chosen article type.

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Article Collections

Recent Developments in Cognitive Engineering
Journal of Interaction Science
Edited by: Prof. Chris Stary, Dr Gisela Susanne Bahr
Collection published: 9 October 2014


Associated Society

Journal of Interaction Science is affiliated with CIRCUA (Collaborative International Research Centre for Universal Access).