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Table 1 Research relevant to Interaction Science

From: What is interaction science? Revisiting the aims and scope of JoIS

Examples of related research to Interaction Science  
Novel interface paradigms and technologies, e.g., haptics, gestures, vision and brain computer interfaces  
Development of innovative technologies in specific domains, e.g., medical apps or healthcare informatics  
Wearable and mobile analytics, e.g., interaction rates for smartphone data entry  
Studies of different user populations, e.g., people with disabilities or older adults  
Effects of technologically mediated interactions on perception and cognition, e.g. human memory, cognitive development, decision making, problem solving and creativity  
Interaction paradigm shifts in educational, business, government, military contexts and the arts, e.g., as online learning, financial advising bots, paperless admin, network-centric operations, interactive multi-media art  
Privacy and security of the incidental collection of interaction data, e.g., during web-based activities  
Effects of the increasing diffusion of technology into social systems