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Table 1 Information retrieval tasks (Human body website)

From: Modeling and Supporting Web-Navigation

Level 1 Level 3
The muscles of the esophagus contract in waves to move the food down into the stomach. What name is given to these contractions? In the respiratory system, what name is given to the valve that drops down when we swallow in order to protect our lungs and trachea?
Which center in the brain controls the automatic process of breathing? Name the three layers of tissue that form the heart wall.
Level 2 Level 4
Name at least three chemicals that aid in transmission of information from one neuron to the other in our nervous system. If a blood sample contains A-antigens and anti-B antibodies, what name is given to this according to ABO system?
Lymphatic System contains immune cells called lymphocytes, which protect our body from antigens. They are produced by lymph nodes. Name at least three locations in the body where lymph nodes are present. What specific name is given to those motor neurons that act on the muscles of the face and the neck?